Updates on the Coronavirus and Services

      1. Stay at Home Order
        1. Remains in effect – details can be found here
        2. Both Mayor Kenney and Dr. Farley issued statements Friday afternoon in response to Governor Wolf’s announcement yesterday that Philadelphia will move to a ‘yellow’ phase on June 5 – statements can be found here
      2. State’s Emergency Cash Assistance Program Still Open
        1. The State’s Emergency Cash Assistance Program still has funding available for Philadelphians who are struggling financially because of the pandemic
        2. The program is for families with children who were working and experienced the loss of a job or income:

                                                   i.     Families whose income is below 150 percent of the federal poverty level—about $2,700 a month for a family of three—are eligible

                                                  ii.     Families that qualify will be able to get a one-time grant of approximately $400-$1,200, based on their family size

        1. Despite the jump in unemployment throughout the state, funding for the program has not yet been exhausted

                                                   i.     Applications will be accepted through June 12—or until all funds are gone

                                                  ii.     Those in need should not wait – residents can apply online

      1. State-issued benefits also available
        1. Benefits programs can provide much-needed help to get through this difficult time:

                                                   i.     Medicaid: Free or very low-cost health insurance 

                                                  ii.     SNAP: Up to $650/month for a family of four

                                                 iii.     Cash: Up to $500/month for a family of four

                                                 iv.     Utility bill help: Maximum benefit of $800

        1. Residents can apply online for these benefits at the state’s online application at compass.state.pa.us
        2. If you need help applying for benefits, call the City’s BenePhilly program at 833-373-5868
        3. More information can be found here.
      1. HACE Rental Assistance Program for households impacted by COVID starting Wednesday, May 27
        1. HACE received a grant from the PHL COVID-19 Fund and is launching a rental assistance program
        2. Are you eligible for PHL COVID-19 Rental Assistance?

                                                   i.     Have you suffered a loss of income due to COVID-19?

                                                  ii.     Are you willing to contribute 30% of your income towards your rent payment?

                                                 iii.     Do you live in the HACE NAC boundaries?

        1. How to apply:

                                                   i.     Applications ONLY available on Wednesdays starting on May 27, 2020 9am-3pm 167 W. Allegheny Ave or phone: 215-426-8025 or 215-437-7867

                                                  ii.     Come prepared with a mask and gloves, and your documents:

            1. Verification of income prior to COVID and current income
            2. Photo ID
            3. Current lease
            4. Current utility bills
      1. Mail-In Ballot Application Deadline Tuesday, May 26
        1. Mayor Kenney urges all residents to use mail-in ballots for the upcoming primary election on June 2, 2020
        2. The deadline to apply for a mail-in ballot is this coming Tuesday, May 26, at 5 p.m.
        3. Polling places will be open on June 2, voting by mail will help reduce transmission of COVID-19 and reduce the number of voters gathering at polling places
        4. Residents can apply online for a mail-in ballot before that deadline here

                                                   i.     A valid Pa. Driver’s License or PennDOT ID number is required

        1. Residents can also download a ballot application here, however a printed application must be received in the Board of Elections Office by Tuesday at 5 p.m., irrespective of postmarks
      1. Summer 2020 update
        1. Updates for the summer on how to keep children safe and busy
        2. Playstreets, summer camps, free meals, etc:  https://www.phila.gov/2020-05-21-summer-2020-update/

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